Exxon/Mobil, energy related infographics.
FPSO vessel, data visualization illustration. Info graphic illustration of Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel. Cutaway infographic technical illustration.
Landfill process energy production info graphic. Landfill gas (LFG) is generated by the natural degradation of MSW by anaerobic micro-organisms. Once the gas is produced, it can be collected by a collection system, which typically consists of a series of wells drilled into the landfill and connected by a plastic piping system. Cutaway infographic illustration.
Nuclear power generation, info graphic illustration. Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactors to release nuclear energy, and thereby generate electricity. The term includes nuclear fission, nuclear decay and nuclear fusion. Auxiliary buildings, Hot side,pressurized water reactor. Cold side, steam generating. Various other equipment used. Diagram info graphic illustration.
Mineral mining, info graphic illustration. Open pit exploration phase, to the initial processing and refinement phase through to the final processing and the finished goods phase. technical info graphic illustration.

Info graphic illustration. Overview of oil fracking operation. Hydraulic fracturing (also hydro fracturing, hydrofracking, fracking or fraccing), is a well-stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a hydraulically pressurized liquid made of water, sand, and chemicals. Diagram illustration, schematic illustration. Specially engineered fluids are pumped at high pressure and rate into the reservoir interval to be treated, causing a vertical fracture to open. The wings of the fracture extend away from the well bore in opposing directions according to the natural stresses within the formation. Proppant, such as grains of sand of a particular size, is mixed with the treatment fluid to keep the fracture open when the treatment is complete.
Offshore oil exploration, information graphic. Drill ship, Supply ship, Mud system, Drilling rig, and auxiliary equipment. Schematic style illustration.
On shore oil exploration
Wind turbine cutaway technical illustration.
Part of our work for Exxon/ Mobil. A huge project that has been going on for years and through a couple of Ad Agency changes. We were tasked with taking all of their Power Point style illustrations and giving them a uniform itendity. It spanned infographic, animation, product planning. A more comprehensive look would be at the following link. Exxon/MobilInfographics
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