The automotive illustrations of Beau and Alan Daniels

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Corvette Z06 cutaway for Road and Track
Generic car systems
Generic car systems, Suspension, brake, hvac, driveline, exhaust, hybrid, electrical, etc.
Cross section engine illustrations for Haggerty.
Honda S2000 technical cutaway illustrations.
Generic SUV, strict EV, cutaway technical illustration.
Generic SUV, strict EV, cutaway technical illustration.
From stock to custom
From stock illustration to a custom illustration. A client approached us and wanted to highlight their products within a semi truck, the cost to start from scratch would have been well above budget, but we took an existing stock illustration of ours and modified it to the client specs. Below is the final illustration, followed by the original stock image.
Snap-on Tools
Snap0n tools wanted a new car for signage video's and packaging.
Generic car engines. portfolio 1
This is the first in a series of portfolios we are putting together showcase our stock automotive illustrations
Generic car profile.
A project for our stock illustration library. We needed a profile illustration of a generic vehicle.
Cross section Allison style transmission.
A cross section style technical illustration of an Allison style transmission.
Honda S2000 drawings
Honda wanted a more drawn approach to the illustrations for the S2000.
Hybrid engine cutaway
Hybrid engine cutaway illustration. Designed to show how the engine assist is modular in construction and can be added too as the engineering dictates.
Vehicle Valve Trains
Some of the illustrations of valve trains we have done for various clients.
Car suspensions
A selection of vehicle suspensions that we have created for various clients over the years.
Land Rover illustrations
Land Rover LR3 concept, collateral, web and press release illustrations. Loose sketchy style automotive illustrations.
RV Cutaway Recreational Vehicle
Cutaway recreational vehicle. This illustration was done to show the clients superior insulation and build quality of their RV. The illustrations was done so the client could serarate out individual areas.
Cutaway illustration of a Sports Car
This illustration shows the combined use of the original line art and a gradient overlay of the finished cutaway car illustration. Because the whole of the line art is on one layer, the mechanics on another layer and the body on the top layer in Photoshop, this allows for different emphasis to be given to whatever parts the client wants to show.
Car transmission illustrations
Some of our transmission cutaway illustrations
Cutaway Automotive Engines
Cutaway and ghosted car engines produced for multiple clients.
Generic cutaway car.
Cutaway Car. Generic cutaway vehicle showing the individual operating systems.
Toyota FJ Cruiser Ads
An advertising campaign for Toyota FJ Cruiser. The directive was to create drawings that looked “old school” like the technical how to manuals. They had to look hand drawn, pen ink and pencil without any slick look to the images. At first because we work digitally the agency had a problem that we might not be able to create digitally what had to look like it was ink on paper. We convinced them that we could. The results are here.
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