The cutaway product illustrations of Beau and Alan Daniels

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Technical illustration of a yacht.
Technical illustration of a high end yacht, collateral, advertising and web usage.
Danner LaCrosse Footwear project.
Danner and LaCrosse, wanted new illustrations, brochure, hang tags Pop, animated web sequence.
Boosted Board
A security company wanted some illustrations that emphasize that it it is good connectivity between different parts that makes a product function.
Surelock project
A series of illustrations to show the ease of operation of one of Surelocks hiking poles.
Golf range finder, cutaway technical illustration
Golf rangefinder, cutaway technical illustration
Jet Boil Stoves
The object was to help show how these stoves can operate under extreme conditions of high wind.
Product illustration.
Product illustration for several clients.
Golf shoe, breakout style illustration
Golf shoe, breakout style illustration
Gazebo, technical illustration. How to construct a Gazebo.
Ariat mechanical Bull
Ariat Boots wanted a cutaway bull for a billboard advertising campaign. Because of the success of the bull campaign they requested that we do a mechanical horse. Below are the illustrations with some of the preliminary work.
F9_iron_exploded, technical illustration
F9_iron_exploded, technical illustration
Dakota Footwear.
Dakota Boots cutaway and ghosted technical illustrations.
Golf roller, cutaway technical illustration
Golf ball washer, cutaway technical illustration
Golf ball washer
Cutaway Power Supply
Cutaway technical illustrations of power supply units.
Industrial Reciprocating Compressor.
Stress analysis in an industrial reciprocating compressor. Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis: Reciprocating Compressor
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