Spot illustrations for Exxon/Mobile oilfield infographic. 
These illustrations are used to orientate their salesforce as to what the parts look like.
Hydraulic tank starter unit.
Hydraulic fluid tank, Blender truck.
BOP preventer, hydraulic control system.
Auger bearing, cutaway technical illustration.
Blender truck gearbox.
Blender truck, drive reduction unit.
Blender truck, speed reducer.
Blender truck, suction pump.
BOP hydraulic ram.
Coiler truck, Injection head unit.
Coiler truck, lubrication tank.
Diesel truck engine.
Coiler truck, Fabco transfer case.
Fracking truck, hydraulic tank.
Fracking truck, power end.
Plunger lube uniy.
Truck wheel hub.
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