Cutaway technical illustration,
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Vision of the Seas.
Vision of the Seas, Final rendering of the ship in photoshop.105 layers and months of work.
Vision of the Seas, profile line. To start a project like this we first do a profile illustration, showing all of the deck heights. This is possible the most important part as any mistakes not caught now will get very nasty later on.
Vision of the Seas, perspective. The profile illustration has the perspective transformed in illustrator.
Here we set up the perspective so that all is kept simple.
Vision of the Seas, Each deck will now be drawn as an overhead elevation in illustrator.
Each individual deck is then transformed in illustrator so that the perspective matches the grid. This is done for each individual deck plan.
Vision of the Seas, All of the decks added to the illustration in illustrator.
Vision of the Seas, Switching between layers, now in photoshop we are better able to see what we are doing.
Vision of the Seas, Windjammer, the restaurant at the front.
 Vision of the Seas, The Casino, plus some of the shops. Vision of the Seas, The Casino, plus some of the shops.
 Vision of the Seas, Part of the Centrum.
 Vision of the Seas, Another lower part of the Centrum.
Vision of the Seas, Night club.
Vision of the Seas, Schooner bar and dining rooms.Vision of the Seas, Schooner bar and dining rooms.
Vision of the Seas, Schooner bar.
Vision of the Seas, Theatre.
Vision of the Seas, Pool deck.
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